Global Intelligent Mobility Conference (GIMC)

GIMC 2021 Anti-Covid Measurements



1. The overall goal

Focusing on the three key points of "people, things, and pavilions", focusing on the six key links of entrance, residence, flow, exhibition hall gates, activity points and monitoring posts, and implement "full-process closed-loop management, full-chain traceability, and full-scale Nucleic acid testing, access to all inspections, and comprehensive environmental clean-up measures, etc., classified and managed the 4 categories of participants in the exhibition, and strictly established 4 epidemic prevention and control lines of “border, city, region and exhibition area”, and strived to be in the first place. The impact of risks related to the new crown epidemic will be minimized for a time, no community-borne epidemics will occur, and no new crown pneumonia cluster epidemics related to the 2021 Global Smart Mobility Conference and exhibition will occur.

The 2021 Global Smart Mobility Conference will implement a 14-day independent health monitoring for the participating exhibitors before entering the country; when entering, implement 100% health declaration, 100% body temperature detection and 100% sampling nucleic acid detection, and implement boarding according to risk control instructions Inspection; those who are found to have fever, cough and other symptoms during entry quarantine will be sent to the designated hospital for diagnosis and treatment immediately by 120; after entry, a 14-day intensive health quarantine observation will be carried out in the designated hotel, and health monitoring will be carried out during the quarantine observation period. Sampling was carried out on the 12th day and the samples were sent to the designated testing agency for nucleic acid testing. All nucleic acid tests were negative and there was no abnormality during the isolation and observation period. If the isolation is released, you can participate in the exhibition yourself.

2. Specific measures

One is to keep the "entry gate" well. Enforce entry quarantine for all entry personnel, implement 100% health declarations, body temperature testing, and sample nucleic acid testing. Carry out inspection and quarantine of all imported items, and standardize the sampling, monitoring and disinfection of imported cold chain food. Strengthen the information inspection and management of the personnel entering the city, focusing on the investigation of the personnel returning to Nanjing from high school risk areas of the domestic epidemic.

The second is to seize the "place of residence". Participants from overseas VIPs and domestic provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) in high-risk areas of the epidemic will stay in designated hotels and implement classified management. During the exhibition, all exhibitors will carry out independent health monitoring and implement a daily “zero report” system for feverish personnel. The designated/dedicated hotel staff shall carry out a 14-day self-health monitoring and nucleic acid testing of key positions before the reception task starts, and implement closed management during the reception task. Comprehensively carry out environmental sanitation rectification.

The third is to manage the "flowing". When taking public transportation in this city, all employees wear masks throughout the journey. Strictly implement body temperature testing of all passengers taking the subway and those in the main parking lots around the exhibition area. Strengthen the prevention and control of the whole chain of cold chain food, and the nucleic acid test of key personnel "should be checked."

The fourth is to hold the "exhibition hall door". Nucleic acid testing for all exhibitors and staff in the exhibition area, that is, those who need to enter the exhibition area during the two time periods from June 23 to June 24, and June 25 to June 28, shall enter the exhibition area for the first time Each time must have a valid negative certificate of nucleic acid test within 7 days. Strictly implement the health management of exhibitors, and collect all information on registered exhibitors. Participants from prefecture-level cities where the high-risk areas of the domestic epidemic are located should not come to Nanjing if necessary. Strictly implement staff health management. Starting from October 10th, all staff who will enter the guard zone of the exhibition will implement a 14-day self-health monitoring and registration report, and it is not necessary to stay calm. The above-mentioned nucleic acid test and personnel health management information can only be activated after the background comparison is correct and allowed to enter the exhibition area. All items entering the exhibition area shall be cleaned, disinfected, monitored and tested. Strictly clean and disinfect the environment in the exhibition area.

The fifth is to strictly control "activity points." All personnel entering the exhibition area and the exhibition hall wear masks throughout the process. Measures such as time sharing, peak shifting, appointment, and current limiting are adopted to control the instantaneous flow of people in the exhibition area, exhibition hall, and booth. In principle, the instantaneous flow of people in the exhibition hall shall not exceed 30% of the maximum carrying capacity of the effective use area of the venue; control supporting activities The scale and quantity of other on-site activities. Strengthen the prevention and control of food and beverage epidemics in the exhibition area. Frozen fresh foods are not retailed in the exhibition area, and it is forbidden to try frozen fresh foods that have not been "fully cooked".

Sixth, make good use of "monitoring posts." Mainly include: focusing on participating participants and related staff, strengthening the city's fever clinics, community fever sentinel clinics and pharmacies to monitor suspicious cases; strengthening on-site mobile inspections to timely identify and deal with risks related to the new crown epidemic. 







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