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PRNewswire:The New Energy Automobile Exhibition opened in Lishui District, Nanjing City, China on Sunday




NANJINGChinaSept. 20, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- A number of international and national exhibitions are taking place at the Nanjing Air-hub International Expo Center in September including the China (Nanjing) International Intelligent Energy Saving Exposition, Global Intelligent Mobility Conference, and National Fencing Championship.

These high standard and dense exhibitions confirm the strong desire of Lishui District of Nanjing to become a famous exhibition city, and also the powerful promotion of the host place -- Nanjing Air-hub International Expo Center -- to create a new model of exhibition and city integration.

Nanjing Air-hub International Expo Center is located in the core area of 'Nanjing Air-Hub Exhibition & Event Town' (NAEET) - the first exhibition town in China. The total gross floor area of NAEET is 500,000㎡, including modern exhibition halls with total net area 200,000㎡, a convention center with a construction area 62,000 ㎡ and a high-star hotel with 350 rooms. With the vision of building an integration of exhibition and city, taking the convention and exhibition industry as the core, the convention center, hotel, waterfront landscape and other supporting facilities will be built to create a model of 'exhibition +' featured industry town with integrated production, life and ecology.

Nanjing Air-hub international expo center was put into operation since May this year, it has successfully held the first Nanjing domestic car application commend conference, Nanjing airport bonded logistics center (type B) commend conference, Runbikers' asia cup (Nanjing), Expo project fair for international cooperation (Nanjing) 2020 and other several brand activities, in addition to receiving the 'China exhibition star prize--the best exhibition center', 'Gold finger prize--the most influential exhibition center', etc.

Next, the holding of these large brand exhibitions with national and even international influence will improve the visibility and reputation of Lishui, and add new momentum for Lishui to build itself into a 'world-level, nationally renowned' exhibition city.







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