Global Intelligent Mobility Conference (GIMC)

Concurrently-held Activities in Details


1 "GIMC is very Taoist" 

series of live interviews In cooperation with mainstream media, a live future interview room will be set up at the exhibition site to interview senior executives, technicians and guests of exhibiting companies, and conduct live broadcast reports on corporate booths, exhibits and technical highlights.

2 The 2nd "Smart Leader New Life" Outdoor Dynamic Experience Activity 

In order to enrich the content of the exhibition, a test drive and off-road facility experience area will be set up outside the exhibition hall to allow participants to experience and feel the superior performance of the vehicle. Consumers choose cars to provide reference.

3 First Intelligent Driving Test Competition (Nanjing Division) 

In February 2020, multiple ministries and commissions jointly issued the "Smart Car Innovation Development Strategy", proposing to follow the trend of the new round of technological revolution and industrial revolution, and grasp the development strategy of industrial intelligence. Opportunities to accelerate the innovation and development of smart cars. The first intelligent driving test competition specially set up the Nanjing competition area to provide participating companies and scientific research teams with a platform for technology and strength demonstrations, exchanges and cooperation, and to promote the development of the intelligent driving industry.

4 University Automobile Science and Technology Cultural Festival 

Through a variety of activities to popularize automobile knowledge and culture, promote the development of automobile culture in universities and society, so that teachers and students are familiar with automobiles, know automobiles, and love automobiles, and cultivate potential college students in the future. This event can establish a platform for exchanges and cooperation between universities, universities and enterprises, select talents for enterprises, provide college students with opportunities for mutual exchanges and learning, and arouse contemporary college students’ interest in our automobile industry, new energy automobile industry and environmental protection. Attention and love.

5 Carnival Carnival Series Activities 

This activity integrates the concepts of green travel and smart travel into a variety of parent-child projects, entertaining and entertaining, and through parent-child treasure hunting, scene experience, interactive Q&A and other links, participants can understand and learn about safe travel And small common sense of low-carbon and environmental protection, to guide the transformation of the public travel mode.

6 "Ning is the most shining" check-in area

Special landmarks will be arranged on the exhibition site, cartoon-shaped dolls will be arranged to tour the hall, and the audience will be attracted to take photos and check-in, and the circle of friends will be sent to promote the conference. Audiences who participate in the check-in promotion will get a lottery chance. Let the audience gain joy while watching the exhibition.

7 Parent-child treasure hunt-interactive reward redemption activity. The exhibition map will be made to guide the audience to visit various booths, buy new energy and intelligent connected cars, interact with exhibitors, collect praises and stamps, and receive exquisite small gifts.

8 2021 Lishui Huimin Group Car Festival 

By participating in the group car festival activities on site, exhibitors can obtain accurate customer information and intended customer orders in one step; car owners do not need to travel around, they can choose their favorites at the auto show Car, and enjoy the lowest price at the event site.







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