Global Intelligent Mobility Conference (GIMC)

Who are winners of Best Solution Awards?


I.   Event Background

Aiming to display the brand of vehicles companies and promote new products and advanced technologies,  New Energy and Intelligent Connected Vehicles Whole Industry Chain Selection was found since 2016.

This year, the event was officially named as Best Solution Awards by the committee. It means to select excellent products, good solutions and popular smart cars, which will provide reference and suggestion for industry cooperation and networking, as well as the public’s consumption choices.


II.  Selection Scope


The selection scope will be further expanded this year. It will cover all links in the new energy and intelligent connected automotive industry chain, such as NEV, FCV, On-board smart hardware, connected system solution, ADAS, electronic control, motors, key components, and operating platforms, etc.

Furthermore, highlighting  invisible champions and unicorn companies in the subdivided fields, the selection will be refined into the fields of vehicle integration, virtual simulation, perception system, decision system, execution system, communication system, etc.

 The award ceremony will also serve as an important part of the closing ceremony of the 2020 World Intelligent Connected Vehicles Conference (IEEVChina).


III. Award descriptions

There are two categories in the selection, namely Popular Model Award and Excellent Enterprise Award.

Model Award will be obtained by the on-site voting of the exhibition visitors and online voting, while the enterprise award will be selected by the expert of committee among candidates.


Specific awards:

Popular FCV Model (passenger cars, commercial vehicles)

Popular PEV Model (passenger car, commercial vehicle)

Popular Models of Plug-in hybrid (including extended range) (passenger cars, commercial vehicles)

Popular FCV Model (passenger cars, commercial vehicles)

Popular Hydroelectric hybrid Model (passenger cars, commercial vehicles)

2020 Excellent New Energy Vehicle Manufacturer

2020 Excellent New Energy Vehicle Battery Supplier (cell and PACK, BMS, separator, electrolyte, positive and negative materials, etc.)

2020 Excellent Electric System Supplier (motor, electric control)

2020 Excellent Charging Facility Supplier (charging pile, charging station)

2020 Excellent Hybrid Power System Supplier

Refined the intelligent connected automotive industry chain (upstream, midstream and downstream):

2020 Excellent Perception System Supplier

2020 Excellent Decision System Supplier

2020 Excellent Execution System Supplier

2020 Excellent Communication System Supplier

2020 Excellent Intelligent Cockpit

2020 Excellent Autonomous Driving Solution Provider

2020 Excellent Intelligent Connected Automobile Enterprise

2020 Excellent Virtual Simulation System Supplier

2020 Excellent Shared Travel Service Enterprise

2020 Excellent Logistics Service Enterprise

2020 Excellent Data Value-added Service Enterprise

2020 Excellent Smart Automotive Industry Service Organization

2020 Excellent Industrial Service Park

           IV. Ways to participate:

1. Expert recommendation

Recommended by industry experts, new energy and intelligent connected car experts, experts in related fields, university professors and industry leaders

2. Enterprise self-recommendation (see the registration form as attached)

Please downloads and fill in the registration form (from the official website of IEEVChina ) and send to the committee.



V. Members of Jury judges (to be drafted):

Chen Qingquan, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering 

Geng Lei, Chief Engineer of China Automotive Technology Research Center

Tian Guangyu, Professor of Automotive Engineering Department, Tsinghua University

Xiao Chengwei, Expert of National New Energy Vehicle Major Special Power Battery Group

Zhou Weidong, Vice President of Machinery Industry Branch, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade

Han Yi, Acting Secretary General of China Electrotechnical Society

Yu Xinmin, President of Auto Know Magazine

Wu Yingqiu, President of Global Auto Media

Liu Chengfang, Chief Editor of China Energy Saving and New Energy Automobile Network 

VI. Event time:

Candidates Registration: May 1 - Aug 20, 2020

Award Ceremony (to be confirmed): November 13, 2020

Award Ceremony Location: New China International Exhibition Center (NCIEC)


For more information:

Beijing Auto Square Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Tel: 86-10-6336 1929








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